Sunday, April 8, 2012

The Trouble With Hail

I've been having fun recently with my networking group here in Dallas due to the prevalance of hailstorms.  We have a top-notch roofer in the group from Paragon Roofing who has been so excited about how his company will repair the hail damage that these Texas storms are causing here in the Dallas area.  And so, every week, I follow him and try to be equally eloquent about how wonderful it would be to purchase a crypt in our indoor mausoleum at Sparkman Hillcrest! 

In our mausoleum, you can have a service in our chapel and then an entombment without ever leaving the building.  Furthermore, this massive concrete building will withstand even the most severe weather that Texas throws at us. While this has garnered massive laughs at our breakfast meetings, the reality is that our mausoleum is a tremendous economic and emotional value.  We also have a large selection of niches in the mausoleum for those who desire to place urns in a permanent location.

So while I was out in the rain today with a family identifying the burial space for their loved one, believe me, I wished that they had chosen the mausoleum instead!  If you are interested, please give me a call.

And remember: Always walk on the bright side of life.

Jordan Parr
Sparkman Hillcrest Funeral Home and Cemetery
Dallas, TX

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